Saturday, October 21, 2006

Things I Know (With Conclusive Video Evidence)

Miss me? Sure you do. I’m still here. Most of me, anyway.

Here, in no particular order and for no reason, are things that I know:

Traffic in This City Sucks
Friday afternoon I left campus for what is usually a 45 minute drive home. Earlier in the day there had been an accident in Everett. A 2 hour drive? Nice.

When Stuck in Traffic, Music Helps
How good is John Mayer? How many times can I play “Continuum” before it becomes this year’s “Songs About Jane?” I listened to that Maroon 5 album for weeks, and haven’t heard it in months. What’s with my compulsive listening behavior? Maybe I am just testing these albums to see if they’ll make the final cut. By the way, have you seen these VW commercials with guitar players? Here's John Mayer's...

Big Head Todd and the Monsters Still Kick Ass
Proof that the above “album testing” theory does yield winners: “Midnight Radio”. Without a doubt the best, most underrated, and unknown album of the 90s. There is a local radio station that does a feature called “Desert Island Discs” where listeners have to choose the 3 albums they would take with them to a desert island. “Midnight Radio” is my #1. What are the others? What are yours?

Game 7 of the NLCS is an “Instant Classic”
Rain falling at Shea, two unlikely game 7 starters, a pitching duel, the most spectacular catch you will EVER see, the Mets down by 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th bases loaded, Beltran at the plate with a chance to win it…I don’t think anyone wanted that game to end. Except Al B, who just wanted Carlos to hit the ball out.

Some Things Are Just Cool
Example? Ok. My 32” LCD television with HD and a Sony Home Theater system? Even “Clifford the Big Red Dog” looks and sounds good on this set up. Is it weird that John Ritter as the voice of Clifford creeps me out? It’s like he’s speaking from the grave.

Some Things Are ALWAYS Funny
Example? Sure. The old Chevy Chase SNL “Land Shark” skit? Fucking funny. The skit itself isn’t funny, but knock on someone’s door this week and say “Land Shark”…totally funny for everyone. “Candy Gram…”

I Shouldn’t TXT and Drive at the Same Time
But I’m getting pretty good at it.

College Students Are Hypocrites
Someone explain to these kids that if they want me to be forgiving and interested in their lame ass excuses for late work, they need to cut me some slack when I am a day late posting an assignment.

I have clinical proof that a man can live on nothing but coffee and beer for at least three days.

Instant Replay Sucks
Why do we have instant replay? It slows down the games, it takes the game out of human hands, and the officials still never get it right. AND, the way instant replay rules are written, everything hinges on what the original call on the field was. So, when in doubt, the officials make the least controversial call and then rely on the “conclusive video evidence” to overturn the call. And THEN, they still don’t get the calls right. Grr. Can you tell I’m watching college football right now?

Who Do I Hate More?
It’s hard to know if I hate Notre Dame more than Washington State. Who would I root for if they played each other? This will keep me awake at night.

The Seattle Half Marathon
Committed to the Seattle Half Marathon today. RPD is running, and so is Mrs. Math Dude. Cap’n Ron is wimping out. BUT, Cap’n Ron is stuck with his decision to do the One-Day Seattle to Portland Bike Ride next summer. Sucker.

Goal pace for the Seattle Half is 8:45.

The Weather
The weather in Seattle has me rethinking Southern California.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Almost Mexico

Those of you who have been paying attention know that this will be my 3rd conference in San Diego in less than a year. And it isn't that I mind San Diego so much, but it would be nice to change things up a little. How about sending me back to San Francisco? Austin? Sheesh.

•The airport is right downtown. More so than any other biggish city, access to the aiport here is outstanding. AND, the airport is small and fast. Getting off the plane and into a cab takes about 10 minutes.
•The Gaslamp District. Gaslamp is like Pioneer Square but clean. It isn't much on funky joints and unique dives, but there are a lot of great restaurants and nice bars to hang out in, even if the whole joint seems to be overrun by Trust Fund 20 somethings.
•Weather. The forecast here is always the same: 70 degrees and mostly sunny. I couldn't really live in that sort of climate, but as a visitor it makes it very, very easy to take.
•Trails. The entire downtown and Harbor Island waterfront is linked by a nice wide sidewalk system. Perfect for running.
•Boats. From my hotel balcony last night I watched as the local yacht club ran a series of match races. You can see the action from right on shore and can hear the crews swearing at each other. It does make me wonder what people would think if they could hear Krumm's tirades onboard the Lion...

•Cost. This place is terribly overpriced in all senses of the word. Hotel rooms are outrageous ($350 a night for the Marriott? Really?), meals are pricey, and if god forbid you decided to live here, housing is completely out of reach.
•Sports. San Diego Padres fans are a pain in the ass. Especially after their team loses a home playoff game to the Cardinals.
•The War Machine. The views toward the ocean here are totally blighted by the massive military presence in the bay. Destroyers take up the waterway, helicopters rumble around burning fuel for no reason, and jets shake the damn foundations all the time.
•Those Who Work for the War Machine. I'm all for the "support our troops" thing, especially if that means recognizing that they are doing a job they probably don't want to be doing and acknowledging that they are underpaid and mistreated. But the attitude these "sailors" carry with them through the streets of San Diego is just plain maddening. For example, why do you dudes have to walk 5 abreast down a crowded sidewalk? Oh yeah, to make people get out of your way.

I did a nice easy 4 yesterday (8:54 pace). Today is a 10, which is the longest I've done since mid-summer.

More later. Four more days here before I get to head back home. Home! No longer homeless! More on that later...