Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SailRunClimbRide is back. For now.

I'm Back. Sorry.
I received an email from Blogger today notifying me that someone had posted a comment on this long lost blog space of mine. Of course it was a spam post about ED pills or some such damn thing, but the email served to remind me that I have this space here and that I abandoned it entirely in favor of what I thought was going to become a more regular space related to my monthly Northwest Runner column (which I know you are all reading religiously anyway...but just in case you aren't, you can click the link and be swept over there instantly.)

Best plans and all that...I post my columns there and a few people read them, but the combination of limited subject matter and lack of real interest from my publisher has made that blog look like one of those Halloween stores in August.

So instead of working harder to fix the problems with the Real Running blog, I stupidly compounded the problem by starting yet another well-intentioned but doomed blog. The Non Project was going to work. But then it didn't. I blame Congress. Anyway, even though I liked the idea of that one, it was one too many.

So as I was sitting at my desk today feeling guilty for over-indulging in recreational social media (to be contrasted with the sort of meaningful social media work people like Hayden and Laura are doing) and feeling even more guilty for not reading the manuscript DVB just sent me (I'll get to it!), I decided to dig up my old login information and come back here.

I wanted my old space back. Where I could post race reports, rant about politics, link to my friend's more important projects, and basically just haunt the blogosphere a bit. So here we go.

I'll sweep up the cobwebs a bit, maybe throw a coat of paint on, and get to work making this a semi-respectful if purposeless project. You're warned.