Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 Item Flash Post

  1. Running again. 12 miles so far this week. Feeling pretty good about it.
  2. The Factory had a meltdown in the rhetoric sector. Fallout yet to be assessed.
  3. The spring beers are already out. But it is 32 degrees and snowing outside.
  4. The 'Hood is sold. She leaves the Floating Trailer Park for her new life next week.
  5. The New Boat Search Committee has had several meetings and has drafted criteria and selected early candidates. No report.
  6. The Colleague is being sued. Probably.
  7. American Idol is on.
  8. Top Chef is on.
  9. The Oscars Festivities are upcoming
  10. I have managed to sit through the first 30 minutes of "Benjamin Button" 3 times.