Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keep 'em Waiting

Every once in a while, usually when I am far from a computer, I think to myself that I should sit down and write a new blog post for this here space. Then I get to a computer and spend an hour reading satirical news pieces at The Onion and forget that I was going to write something. Or if I remember that I was going to write something, I forget what it was. But trust me, all of the ideas I've had in the last month or so have been great. You would have liked them.

Things I Could Have Written About
I could have been updating you on the progress of our boat, for example. You would have liked that. She isn't done, that's for sure, but she's closer than she was before she was this close. The cool truck with the hydraulic stands comes to pick her up next week, which will will be a momentous day for us and for the pressure washer, which will have the task of cleaning off a driveway speckled with almost 3 years of boat detritus. I'm pretending that will go just fine.

But moving the boat will create a void and render The Boat Yard just The Yard. We can't have that. So to form I'm in the market for the next boat project. The next project must be on a trailer, must qualify as a day sailor, and must be serviceable from Day One.

(Editor's Note: I already have it picked out. It's awesome.)

Since the Chuckanut 50k I have fallen completely out of shape. This is a problem in part because I don't like being out of shape, but also because the Cle Elum Ridge 50k is coming up very soon. The elevation profile looks like this:

I am in no way ready for this race. No way. But I wasn't really ready for Chuckanut either, so I'll just take my friend JB's advice and "shut up and go run the damn thing." Cap'n Ron is running the 25k. Poor little fella is gonna be waiting a few hours for me to get to the finish. Don't eat all the pizza.

Uh. I should probably take this out of the title of the blog. I think people still climb things. I don't remember why I used to. But I know I don't do it now. Here's a list of things I've climbed recently:
  • The stairs in our house (but only because the bedroom and kitchen are on different floors)
  • The hill from The Boat Yard to the beach
That's it.

I did try to go for a ride the other day. Things went badly. The Fuji looks so good hanging in my office (and as a background for my Skype video calls) that I'm reluctant to take it down. Plus, I'm just not ready to invest in HGH, variations of which are apparently necessary in order to pedal a bike.

Of course, there are a lot of other things I could have written about.

I could have written about politics. But then Romney selected his running mate and I couldn't think of anything funny to say.

And I just spent an hour looking for a funny picture or video of Paul Ryan, so now I'm sad.

Better go running.

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